Hands of Hope for Housing

Bishop Cory Rogers, left, of New Hope Baptist Church in Marion meets with Dr. Mark Davis, second from left, and Adam Porter form the Lance and Aileen Porter Foundation in Columbus to discuss a proposed resource center in Marion. Photo Courtesy of Hands of Hope for Housing

Project H.O.P.E.

Project H.O.P.E Offers;

  • Youth Athletic Programming
  • Youth After-School Educational Services
  • Youth Mentoring & Mentor Opportunities
  • Employment and Social Service Referrals
  • Housing and Material Needs Referrals
  • Crisis Stabilization and Community Enrichment
  • Healthcare and Mental Health Referrals

Project Goal:

To empower individuals, families, organizations, and communities to improve equity and quality of life.

Goals and Objectives

  • Address Emerging and basic needs, decrease unemployment, provide access to stable housing, and promote educational success through enrichment.
  • Promote Economic security and crisis Stabilization, decrease crime in the community with more police presence and provide counseling services to targeted populations who are experiencing an acute crisis of a psychiatric nature.
  • Support individuals, Family and Community.  Promote overall independence by improving access to healthcare, social service providers, and related community organizations. 

Services and Objectives

  • Hire directly from the community and increase employment opportunities for residents
  • Provide opportunities for skilled trades training
  • Provide opportunities for after-school programming and mentorship
  • Provide sports activity with law enforcement officers to establish positive relationships within the community
  • Provide opportunities for parents to participate in youth programming, officer interaction and prevention workshops
  • Provide opportunities for social service, behavioral and mental health intervention
  • Work with FQHC’s and other health partners to provide health services
  • Provide referrals to social and ancillary service providers
  • Provide access to Franklin County Services Programs, thereby leveraging resources and direct services to residents